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Fillup with LPG in Plymouth at OZON LPG
Welcome to LPG Hazard Page
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Welcome to LPG Conversions Hazard Page.
Here you can see some examples of LPG Conversions carried out by Some LPG Conversion Garages calling themselves "Professionals"
This page was designed to show how things can go wrong if LPG Conversion Garage is not carefully selected.

LPG Conversion  industry is a high turnover industry due to average LPG Conversion kit costs around £500-700 depends on a specs. Which eventually makes every descent LPG Conversion company to be VAT registered.

Most respectful LPG Conversion Companies are LTD companies and registered at Companies House.

Cant find your chosen LPG Conversion Garage on Company House website? Can not track when the company been formed?- Ask yourself, why?

Some LPG Conversion Companies put on their websites wording like:

"We have over 30 years of combined experience in LPG conversions not only for cars but buses and lorries." - 30 years combined, if you scrap the word 'combined' it will mean most of the time something like 2-3 years. Usually this "experience" is not trackable.

"Busiest LPG Conversion Centre" - Are they? Busy re-doing things which could of been done right in the first place? busyness can be different. If they are too busy there is potentially they do most things in a rush, cutting corners which lowers quality workmanship

"Copyright NAME OF THE COMPANY 2001 - 2011 All Rights Reserved" At the bottom of most websites you can see such a line which may gives impression like it was formed in 2001, is it really? Check it through Companies House website, most likely you'll find that this is  will be newly formed company with no experience at all.

"LPG Conversion Life time warranty" is another marketing strategy, which is very unlikely to happen. It's against the Law of Business,- non of respectful companies will take such responsibility because of one simple rule,- everything eventually brakes down. Wear and Tear effect will take place inevitably and to sign up the company for Lifetime Warranty liabilities is just a nonsense.

Buy Doing 10 cars per week 52 weeks a year that's would make 520 cars.
The Company would end up with £312 000 liabilities every year (based on 520cars x £500 per kit)

And some LPG Conversion Companies state:
"We convert on average 3 cars every day - that's almost 1000 cars every year!" -that's pushes Liabilities even bigger,- over Half a Million Pounds, Plus loss of labour hours on top of that.

Most LPG Conversion kit Manufacturers offer 2 years warranty now, on very rare occasion 3 years.
How can Some LPG Conversion Centre to give Life Time Warranty when actual manufacturer says 2 years?

On top of that, this "Professionals" usually offer another scam
"3 YEARS LPG SERVICING - ONLY £120" -Yeah why not, give them extra £120 in advance, but will they be there in 3 years time to service your LPG car?

Which are not true, just a sales marketing tools.

author: LPG Robin Good
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