• £5 congestion charge relief on registered vehicles (London 2/03)
  • smoother, quieter, cleaner running for your car
  • 30% extended engine life
  • cleaner air for all
  • half price fuel for you
  • lower service costs
  • extended cruising range. The ability to run on both petrol and gas.
  • safety - LP gas cars are recognised as being safer, offering better crash/fire tolerance.
  • safety - allowing you to drive a larger/luxury car with inherent added safety features and better crash protection qualities.
  • as a business user you will be able to recoup some of the conversion cost as a capital expense.
  • added reliability - the RAC and AA will confirm that most breakdowns are fuel related. On a rainy night having a second, fully independent tank of fuel might give some comfort.
  • possible reduced insurance premium
  • possible road fund licence discount
  • possibility of running one larger/luxury car for all journeys and selling second runabout.
  • resale value enhanced, especially on larger engined or luxury cars where running costs put a lot of customers off.

Who Uses LPG

On a worldwide scale millions of people have been benefiting from converting their car to run on LPG and now most major car companies offering duel fuel versions of most models, which has proved very popular with fleet buyers looking to save on running costs.
Mainland Europe, with countries like Italy having nearly 1.5m but also countries like Japan, where 90% of taxis use LPG and Australia where on bigger vehicles it is extremely popular and even in America, where petrol is currently 25% of the cost in the UK, in certain clean states such as California. Iin the UK high profile users including Royal household, ministerial cars, local authorities, police forces and the support service industry such as UPS and Securicor. Also at the last budget the government allocated a further £30m towards London black cab users and fixed the price of LPG until 2004, but the main private users of LPG are people who appreciate smoother, quieter running, longer engine life, cheaper car insurance and half price fuel as well as knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment.

How Much Will I Save

Whatever you are spending on petrol will be halved on gas if you take into consideration longer engine life and longer engine peak performance. Also bear in mind for the larger/luxury car sector LP gas is very much a selling point, but should you feel that you are unable to justify a premium at resale the conversion can be fully removed and the car left in near original form and the kit can be re-used on another vehicle, we can reprogram. Also, you might qualify for cheaper car insurance and with car taxation soon to be based on emissions you might qualify for cheaper road tax.

Environmental Issue

Worldwide the number of cars is expanding at an alarming rate. In the UK alone we have 24 million. With LP gas being up to 75% cleaner on petrol and up to 90% cleaner on diesel everyone will benefit from the number that convert.

About Safety and Insurance

LPG has an excellent safety record and is industry recognised as being safer than petrol. This is due to the construction of the LPG tank being more robust and on our system having 3 fuel safety shut off solenoids which can open and close at a split second but will not be open unless the engine is running. LPG converted cars may affect your insurance premium, with a number of insurance companies offering a 5% discount for cars that have been converted. We are not aware of any insurance companies that require extra premium. Also LPG converted cars should not normally affect any other warranties in force

Frequently Asked Questions:
What Is LPG

LPG is produced during the normal petrol chemical distilling process of crude oil and the letters LPG stand for Liquefied Petroleum Gas, so in other words - petrol gas - which is 100% octane as in 100% octane 5* petrol 97/98 4* and 97super unleaded. Any car can run on high octane fuel without modification, problems arise from cars designed to run on high octane being asked to use regular unleaded, which is 94%. LPG is stored in a liquid form because being 250x more dense than as a gas it requires less space within the car.

Interestingly two of the largest nations for LPG use in vehicles are Italy and Japan, who are not oil producers. In the UK we produce in excess of 4 million tonnes per year.

What are the Benefits

The benefits are:
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