LANDIRENZO's OMEGAS and PowerJET SGI multipoint sequential injection systems represents a new generation of bifuel (gasoline - lpg) gaseous LPG conversion systems. The principle used by the LPG ECU to calculate the injection timing applied to the LPG injectors, is based on the acquisition of the gasoline injection timing by LPG ECU during LPG mode. The engine management is, therefore, mainly left to the gasoline ECU whilst the LPG control unit translates gasoline actuations into an appropriate control for LPG injectors.
In order to maintain the coherence with the gasoline system, the LPG ECU drives LPG injectors in the same sequence as gasoline injectors. Roughly, the LPG ECU converts an amount of energy that should be actuated by the gasoline into an equivalent amount of energy that LPG has to release in order to compensate the differences between two fuels. LANDIRENZO OMEGAS and PowerJET SGI can use different types of injectors according to the specifications of the application. LANDIRENZO OMEGAS and PowerJET SGI is minimally invasive with respect to the original gasoline engine management system. It is able to be easily integrated with the main engine management functions as mixture control, cut off, EGR, purge canister, etc and auxiliaries engine management functions as air-conditioning, power-steering, electric loads, etc..
The LPG ECU is able to calculate LPG injection timing using specific information as LPG injector rail pressure, LPG temperature, engine coolant temperature, engine RPM and battery voltage, in addition to the inputs of the gasoline ECU.
„OSCAR-N” is a microprocessor based gas injection controller. Thanks to its highly advanced electronic construction it allows for cooperation with the most demanding petrol controllers. „OSCAR-N” can work with gas injectors like RAILGAS, RAIL , MATRIX, MAGIC JET, VALTEK (from 1Ω to 6Ω) and with wide range of reducers. Controller is placed in tight aluminium casing equipped with hermetic connection, based by casing of car's board computer. Attached computer software makes available to adjust system parameters in a very large scale.

The „OSCAR-N” kit contains:

   * LPG injection controller „OSCAR-N” in 3, 4, 6 or 8 cylinder version,
   * „RAILGAS” injection rail (1 Ω or 3 Ω), injection nozzles included,
   * pressure regulator type „EG” for engine powers 150, 200 or 280 HP,
   * Emulator wire set fitted with plugs type Europe (Bosch) or Universal type with pins,
   * pressure and underpressure sensor (mapsensor)
   * dry gas filter,
   * Fuel selector switch with a LPG-level full indication, buzzer included
   * LPG level indicator with wire set,
   * Installation and calibration manual and software,
   * small fastening elements,

OSCAR-N kit has passed the Abgasgutachten tests (regarding homologations ECE 115) The results that you are getting confirm high quality and technological advance of our System.
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BRC Sequent controls all engine working phases, from idle to the most extreme tip-in and running conditions, keeping the original equipment strategies during normal working conditions and applying suitable improvements if gas fuel needs them. This assures the higher compatibility with the original supply system, keeping practically unchanged the builder’s engine control diagnostic, but allowing, however, an optimal working in the most special conditions too. System acts, in fact, in “closed loop” thanks to the petrol ECU, correcting in real time the air/gas mixture title, according to the information coming from the petrol injectors piloting made by the petrol ECU itself. The petrol ECU, therefore, will remain able to carry out the car-builder’s strategies, based on the Lambda oxygen sensor, to maintain the right mixture title. The fuel quantity sent to each engine cylinder is controlled by electro-injectors in gaseous phase, that allow dosing gas and introducing it directly into each single intake manifold pipe, (close to the petrol injectors of original system) eliminating the backfire risk. So, task of the ECU is to evaluate the injection time signals coming from the petrol ECU and, by linking them with vehicle working conditions according to specific predefined mappings, calculate the injection times for gas injectors. The right stoichiometric ratio characterising the system, therefore, depends on both the extreme decision quickness of the digital system inside the gas ECU, and the reply quickness and precision that gas injectors can guarantee. Sequent Plug&Drive manages the petrol injectors cut-off and emulation assuring the passage from a fuel to another in a soft way thanks to a sequential changeover (BRC patent). Function of re-changeover to petrol mode for end of gas exhaustion avoids discontinuity of the supplied torque in these conditions too, by advising user through the buzzer.
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Prins was the first company in the market to introduce a gaseous injection system for passenger cars. Over the years this original design has been further developed into a fully integrated “master-slave” with the petrol management system, providing a seamless transition between driving on petrol or gas.

The new Prins Vapourized Sequential Injection System has been developed in such a way that, with very few component changes, it can be used for both LPG and CNG applications. The VSI System has the following advantages:

• Only one single ECU is required for up to and including 10 cylinder engines
• Vehicles with engine capacities ranging from 700cc to 6.0 liters can use the same pressure reducer
• Excellent emission reduction results

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Microprocessor sequential injection controller STAG-300 PLUS, was born out of renowned and reliable controller STAG-300. Modernized controller is equipped with updated software including the additional 3D graphics map allowing precise gas injection dosage with the relation to the engines' RPMs. With STAG-300 PLUS you have an option to manually correct the settings, depending on the temperature of the injected gas as well as injector warm up option. Because of the software update enabling an accurate gas injection dosage, STAG-300 PLUS passes EURO 5 emission norms. STAG-300 PLUS is designed for all vehicles equipped with 1 to 8 cylinder petrol engines, including turbo, full group, semi-sequential and sequential petrol injection as well as variable valve timing system „valvetronic” used e.g. in BMW. STAG-300 PLUS is equipped with petrol injection Emulator with Europa/Bosch connection and is compatible with AcGasSynchro software.

» 3D graphics map, injection dosage with the relation to the RPMs
» Digital graphics visualization
» RPM signal filter
» Injection type option
» Engine overload option
» Injector warm up
» Post-injection cut off level
» Gas injection additional settings
» New CNG algorithms
» Precise view of parameters in oscilloscope
» Intuitional controller calibration
» Waterproof casing
» Unnoticeable petrol to gas transition
» Automatic switch to petrol on empty gas tank (sound signal)
» P/G switch with gas level indicator
» Build in petrol injection Emulator
» Keeps the key engine settings e.g. power, torque identical to the petrol settings
» Fulfills the EURO 5 emission requirements
» Compatible with all reducers and gas injectors
» Available with Rail, Valtek, Reg, Zavoli injector type connections
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