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Can all vehicles be converted to run on LPG?

Most engines can be converted to bi-fuel

What are the different systems that are available?

Single Point Gas Injection system (Lambda Controled), and Multipoint
sequential injection system.

Does it matter which system I have installed in my car?

Yes, it’s crucial to have the right system installed. All conversions are dependent upon the age and type of vehicle you have: an older carburettor vehicle will have a different system to a modern fuel injected one.

What happens in the process of conversion?

A second independent fuel system with its own tank is added to the car, often in place of the spare wheel or underneath the vehicle.

Will I lose boot space?

Gas tanks are available in a range of different sizes, and loss of space can be kept to a minimum by installing a doughnutshaped tank into the spare wheel well.

Does that mean I can’t carry a spare tyre?

Depending on the size of your car, it is possible to have the system installed underneath the car (mainly MPV or 4x4). If not, you can keep a can of tyre foam so you can reflate and seal the puncture until it can be repaired.

Will my car’s performance be affected?

There is a negligible loss of power. The only thing you will notice, when compared with diesel, is a smoother, quieter ride. With Landi Renzo Omegas Sequential Injection System you probably wouldn't notice any difference.

What type of mpg can I expect from a tank of  LPG?

A litre of LPG will take you around 80% of the way that petrol would take you, but it still works out cheaper because LPG averages half the price of petrol. (Plymouth City Centre to Birmingham Bull Ring on Chrysler Grand Voyager V6 3.3L engine size, takes £17 one way,- amazing, isn't it?)

What happens if I run out of LPG
autogas while I am driving?

You will be able to flick back to petrol, by pressing
the button and drive on petrol until you reach an LPG
autogas refuelling station.

How will I know when to refuel?

Like a regular petrol-powered car, there is a
fuel indicator that will indicate how much LPG
is in your tank. Just like petrol or diesel, LPG
is bought by the litre and pumped into the tank
through the filling point and the hose.

Is it possible to add the wrong fuel to the wrong tank?

This is impossible because each filling point is different to the other, so the LPG filling point only accepts an LPG hose.

Can I overfill the tank?

No, because the LPG tank is fitted with an automatic shut-off valve that will prevent overfilling.

How safe is LPG in an accident?

Very, much more than petrol or diesel. It’s a common misunderstanding that because LPG is a gas, it’s highly explosive. However, because of the way it’s stored, it can’t explode in an accident as it never comes into contact with oxygen, unlike petrol. Furthermore the LPG tank can survive far greater impact than a normal petrol tank and has numerous in-built safety devices.

Can LPG damage or affect my engine?

Most engines can be converted without causing any damage as long as your engine is in a good working order. LPG is a cleaner burning fuel and will actually reduce wear and tear.

How will converting affect the resale value of my car?

The resale value will not decrease and may even increase depending on the condition of the rest of your car.

Can I still take my car abroad?

Yes, you can, although at the moment LPG cars are not allowed to pass through the Channel Tunnel (this is under review). Crossing the Channel by ferry is cheaper anyway!

Can I buy LPG autogas abroad?

Autogas is widely available in most European countries You only need to get adaptor for particular set of countries you going to visit (Most of them have adaptors at Fuel Stations just Ask the personal of that Station they will be happy to help you or you can buy them from us any time)

Is there anyone I should inform about my conversion?

Yes, your insurer and the DVLA. Go to

Can diesel engines be converted?

Yes, but the economy is not as good as petrol engines can give you.

What is going to happen to LPG prices?

Because the Government is trying to reduce pollution, and LPG is proven to be more environmentally friendly, LPG will remain, in the near future, much cheaper then petrol or
diesel. In the April 2004 Budget the Chancellor announced that the duty on LPG will be raised by only 1p per year for the next three years when compared with sulphur-free petrol and diesel.

Does LPG system needs to be serviced?

Yes, it does. Considering the LPG is the cleaner fuel than petrol or diesel, there is some dirt present in bulk tanks at the filling stations which can be pomped into your system. Thats why your system having the filters which we advise to change every 10,000 miles to make sure you'll enjoy long and trouble free driving on LPG. As you can see on the picture below the filters do get dirty and this dirt can damage your expensive LPG injectors.